Property Advisor is a web and mobile base application designed to help consumers make better buying, selling and investment decision with the very latest transactions in the areas that matter most to you.

Let PropertyAdvisor help you make a more informed decision to buy, sell, rent or hold by providing local trends and surrounding assessments.

Leverage the largest consolidated database of property information with over 100 million data points covering transactions, rentals, auctions and demographic information.

Stay ahead of the game by analyzing trends and spotting opportunities or manage risk positions, PropertyAdvisor Pro lets you visualize, combine, filter and compare data points to give you the bigger picture.

ProxyPrice is a form of Automated Valuation Model (AVM) designed to provide an indication of a property’s current market price through an extrapolation of the most recent transaction data and market trends.

With intuitive AI, ProxyPrice can interprate, match and assess hundreds of addresses a minute to provide organisations with an efficient way to comply with MFRS 9, Annual Revaluation and Capital Adequacy requirements.

VMS is the complete solution for the modern valuation firm – automating business processes for ultimate business process excellence.

VMS Business Edition manages workflows, search transactions, capture data and generate reports anywhere, anytime with improve accuracy, control and efficiency.

It is cloud-based with Automated Risk Management and built-in QC checks, a must-have for all valuation firm of the 21st century.

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