ProxyPrice is a form of Automated Valuation Model (AVM) developed to provide an automated estimate of a Subject Property’s Current Market Price. AVM’s were defined in 2008 by the RICS AVM Standards Working Group as:-

“Automated Valuation Models use one or more mathematical techniques to provide an estimate of value of a specific property at a specific date, accompanied by a measure of confidence in the accuracy of the result, without human intervention post-initiation”.

The model was developed to provide an estimate of a subject property’s current market price or a portfolio of such properties in the following use cases:

By Financial Institutions (FI) for the loan origination process or subsequent revaluation for credit decision or compliance purposes;

Obtain a ProxyPrice (instant indication of current market price) prior or as part of the loan process.

Obtain periodic updates or “health check” on the performance of a particular asset or collateral.

In an audit of valuations;

Application of ProxyPrice as part of a periodic audit of a panel valuer’s report for risk management purposes.

For the identification of fraudulent activity;

Application of ProxyPrice to identify anomalies in market trends.

For lending (Capital adequacy purposes)

Application of ProxyPrice to a portfolio of properties/ assets subject to mortgage finance to obtain an indication of performance to assist the FI’s and their accountants in determining capital adequacy ratios.


ProxyPrice utilizes a proprietary model based on the Comparison Method of Valuation with automated comparable selection and a Multiple Regression Analysis.

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